Subwoofer Series

SW12                   SW215

SW115                  SW218V

SW118H                SW218EB

SW118M                SW221


Passive & Active Subwoofers


12-inch Bass Reflex Subwoofer


1 x 15-inch LF cone (3-inch voice coil), Band pass rear horn-loaded Subwoofer


1 x 18-inch LF cone, folded horn-loaded Subwoofer


1 x 18-inch, Vented box


1 x 18-inch, Vented box


2 x 15-inch LF cone (3-inch voice coil), Band pass rear horn-loaded Subwoofer


2 x 18-inch LF cone driver, Hybrid subwoofer


2 x 18-inch LF cone driver, Vented Subwoofer


Double 21-inch, Vented Subwoofer

Subwoofer Series 1

Sound Artisans Since 1984


Manufactured with only the best materials and mounted with only the first class European components, the Subwoofer Series mix an elegant design with the most incredible power and deepest sound.

Subwoofer Series 2

Tecnare Professional Subwoofers are designed for every kind of Pro Audio Application. Mini Subwoofers, Bass Reflex, Horn Loaded, Hybrid and Infra Subwoofers, everything can be found on Tecnare Subwoofer Series.

– Tecnare Sound Systems


Top Level Sound Reinforcement

Tecnare Subwoofer Series are a range of professional subwoofers specially designed for suit in any kind of audio installation or live event. 

This range of subwoofers is made up of 9 different models that encompass the multiple possible designs in acoustic engineering in terms of low frequencies, ranging from mini subwoofers with a compact design and high efficiency, to Infra-type subwoofers, as well as folded and hybrid type.

If this range is characterized by something, it is the robustness of its materials, as well as the quality of its components. Manufactured in birch plywood and covered with weather-resistant polyurea paint, the Tecnare subwoofer series stands out both for its high power and efficiency, as well as its exquisite finish.


Coral Mosque, Kayseri, Turkey
Subwoofer Series 3
E10 tecnare loudspeaker horizontal back view
Subwoofer Series 4

High power in the most extreme conditions

Subwoofer Series: Extreme Performace with a Stunning Aesthetic

Subwoofer Series 5

Only the Best European Components

Subwoofer Series 6

Durawound Weatherized Coating

Subwoofer Series 7

18mm Birch Plywood

Manufactured with only the best materials and mounted with only the first class European components, the Subwoofer Series mix an elegant design with the most incredible power and deepest sound.

Subwoofer Series 8

Maximum SPL

Subwoofer Series 9

Flying Inserts

Subwoofer Series 10

Useful for any Audio Application



Tecnare E6 loudspeaker front perspective

Endless Power

Feel it, Test it, Believe it: Subwoofer Series grants you the best Standards with it´s Trustfull & Reliable Performance

Subwoofer Series Accesories


tecnare e6 bracket

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