Line Array Accessories



Mini Top Grid of CLa208. Allow up to 6 CLa208 to be flown

Multipurpose Grid of CLa208. Allow up to 16 CLa208 to be flown & groundstacking

Transition Frame from CLa21/SW-18VR to CLa208

Pole Mount adapter of CLa208



Mini Top Grid of CLa21. Allow up to 6 CLa21 to flown

Multipurpose Grid of CLa21/18VR. Allow up to 18 CLa21 to be flown. Compatible with SW18VR for flown configurations

Pitch Angle Extension for CLa21 when it is attached to THV21-18VR or on SW-18VR

Pull Back Bar from CLa21. Allows to a CLa21 array a third-point suspension

Wooden dolly to transport up to 4 CLa21