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Tecnare is a Spanish Brand founded in 1984, devoted to the design and manufacturing of speakers cabinets and audio solutions for the professional sound reinforcement.
Housing only the Best European Loudspeakers and the finest birch plywood in our Speakers Cabinets, Tecnare provides only a premium sound quality in all its series.

Live Sound

Tecnare range of products covers every aspect of Pro Audio market, till Touring to Fixed Installations, having a long trayectory on Live Sound Events, with top artist and the most famous DJ´s,

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Installed Sound

With thousands of installations all over the world such as Fabrik, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge or Pachá Ofir, Tecnare has an incredible background in any kind of sound reinforcement installation.


Loudspeakers Series

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Amplifiers & Electronics



The Tecnare T Series amplifiers represent the leading edge of amplifier design. In a straightforward robust package, they surpass similar products in power delivery, sonic performance and efficiency. This truly revolutionary amplifier platform provides a logical front panel user interface and powerful Ethernet based remote control. Both provide access to all features allowing rapid system configuration with full performance monitoring and analytics.

DP Series

The new Digital Loudspeakers Controllers of Tecnare Sound Systems are a high performance and user-friendly signal processors for loudspeaker system. The DP-Series supplies generous amounts of signal processing capability and a wide variety of crossover shapes. The Hardman high-pass and low-pass filter are particularly avantgarde and enable the use to do very selective cuts (with high slopes) without introducing phase rotation, thus allowing the design of very accurate crossovers.

Active Loudspeakers

The Active Series combine the advantages of the SelfPowered systems through the application of digital technology with the latest advance in acoustics improved throughout decades, providing a sound that redefine the concept of high fidelity sound quality.

The Active Series counts with two models of Self–Powered system, PCC3 Series and A– Series.

PA Series

PA Series Analog Amplifiers

The Tecnare PA Series power ampli­er represent a new era in affordable, high quality performance and reliability with the state-of-art power amplifi­cations technologies. The line consists of ­five models in a uniform, rugged 2U chassis, quality sound and durability of class H designs with the innovation of the latest power devices available.

Exel Acoustics SL is a leading company, founded in 1984, devoted to the design and manufacturing of TECNARE professional loudspeakers systems and PCC Technology digital electronics devices.

The company headquarters is a 4000 sq. meters surface modern factory located close to Madrid, Spain. Everything in house made with the latest manufacturaring techniques, Cad design, CNC and robotized machinery, automated control testing, and highly qualified hand labour. Loudspeakers and manufacturing components are specially developed for our particular applications with the result of an excellent final product with the most demanding audio requirements.

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Project Design Department

No project is equal to another, the acoustics vary from venue to venue, and that´s  why sound planning it´s vital to determine how the sound will be heard at the real location. For that reason, the choice of speakers and sound design as well as quality of the installation process and the use by the operators is critical to quality installation. With all of this on mind, sometimes you will need to call on the experience of specialists.

For rise the best standards of quality and reach the most perfect sound, the Tecnare Sales Application Specialist (SAS) will support you throughout the entire project. With their extensive technical knowledge and practical experience, they are happy to advise every step of the way and can even assist during the final stages of testing, setting and tuning at a venue.

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Our Best Marketing is Simply Our Sound

 Every Customer is part of Our Community: that means a plenty Support of all Tecnare Team.

The world of Sound Engineering sometimes is so complex for a Common User, but you won´t be afraid, in Tecnare we will help you since the first steps till the last mounting and equalization. For Tecnare, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers and safeguard the integrity of our Sound, cause, Our Sound is our Best Marketing

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Tecnare worldwide network, is a huge community composed by more than 30 Tecnare Distributors partners all around the world. We keep growing day per day and step for step. Do you want to be part of it?



Live Sound & Sound Installations

The Latest News & Updates

Arrogante Restaurant

Arrogante Restaurant

Madrid, Spain Arrogante RestaurantTecnare Sound Systems trough Madrid Sonido , Distributor of Tecnare in Madrid, Spain, has provided the main sound reinforcement for the restaurant Arrogante MadridReinventing The RulesInstallation Review   Tecnare Sound Systems...

Chica Restaurant

Chica Restaurant

New Delhi, India Chica RestaurantChica is a new concept restaurant, placed on New Delhi, India. By the hand of Soundworks, Exclusive distributor of Tecnare in India, the main sound reinforcement was provided, consisting in: - SW118M - Ibza p204- V Series - PA...

Open de France: Artistic Swimming

Open de France: Artistic Swimming

Paris, France Open de France: Artistic SwimmingThrough Easy Com Audio, Distributor of Tecnare in France, Tecnare supplies the main sound reinforcement for this amazing competition, consisting in: E Series, Ibza6HZ, Ibza Series and V Series.Reinventing The RulesE...



Nessebar, Bulgaria AtticaAttica is a Restaurant placed in Nessebar, Bulgaria. By the hand of Hit 2008 Ltd, Distributors of Tecnare in Bulgaria, the main sound reinforcement of this venue was supplied.Reinventing The RulesInstallation Review   Attica is a...

VV Katwijk

VV Katwijk

Katwijk, Netherlands VV KatwijkVV Katwijk is a football team from Katwijk, Netherlands. Through Sound Services and AvGek, Distributors of Tecnare in Netherlands,Tecnare has supplied the following material: 4x Tecnare V102x Tecnare V10-Waterproof Version2x Tecnare...

Setai Miami

Setai Miami

Miami, USA SetaiTecnare throught Koncept Systems, Exclusive Distributor of Tecnare in the U.S.A, has provided the main sound reinforcement for Setai Miami Beach.Reinventing The RulesInstallation Review   Setai is a luxurious hotel located to the shores of Miami...