JiangXi-YiChun Big Data Center (China)

JiangXi-YiChun Big Data Center (China) JiangXi-YiChun Big Data Center (China)  The Big Data Center, located in YiChun, with a total area of 50.000 square meters, and an estimated cost of 200 millions of yuans, were the placed designated for the last conference...
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  200.000 Watts of Tecnare in Fabrik (Madrid, Spain)  The prestigious nightclub Fabrik, located on the outskirts of Madrid, renews its entire sound reinforcement system with Tecnare Sound Systems. Since its inauguration in 2003, the discotheque has had...
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Kazan Circus

  Kazan Circus (Kazan, Russia)  Tecnare Sound Systems, has had the privilege of supplying all the sound reinforcement of the mythical and centenary circus of Kazan (Russia), city on the banks of the Volga and eighth most populated city of Russia. Founded...
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Hilton Garden Inn

  Hilton Garden Inn (Gurgaon, New Delhi, India)  The Hilton Garden Inn, is one of the most luxury hotels of the city of Gurgaon (New Delhi, India). Rated as a five star hotel, provides to their customers and unbeatable set of sensations. Tecnare is glad...
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Coral Mosque

Coral Mosque (Kayseri, Turkey)  The Coral Mosque, placed in Kayseri, in the middle of Anatolia, has been inaugurated the past day 29th of November, by the hand of our Exclusive Distributor in Turkey, Kalepro Proje. With a capacity of 10000 people, this...
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Tecnare Loudspeakers


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E Series

Tecnare introduces the new E Series affordable loudspeakers that provide excellent performance and are designed for use in a variety of applications.


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Ibza Series

IBIZA Series offers unbeatable audioperformance for dance environments, where high output, low-distortion,and the highest quality sound are required.

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V Series

V Series means “Versatile loudspeakers“, portable sound reinforcement products, ideally suited to all kinds of live performances, including stage monitoring.

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A.L.I.S Series

The A.L.I.S. (Adaptive Loudspeaker Integrate point Source) is a high-Q arrayable speaker, suited for a wide range of applications.

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Array Series

Array Series are designed both for permanent installation and touring applications where even coverage, intelligibility, and high SPL levels are required. Array Series are engineered to offer sound reinforcement professionals solutions to meet almost any challenge.


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Subwoofer Series

The Subwoofer Series of Tecnare Sound Systems, includes a large variety of products for every kind of application. Designed with a clear purpose, every product of the Subwoofer Series are entrusted to resolve all the problems that a sound engineer could have.

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Leading company, founded in 1984, devoted to the design and manufacturing of professional loudspeakers systems.

Exel Acoustics SL is a leading company, founded in 1984, devoted to the design and manufacturing of TECNARE professional loudspeakers systems and PCC Technology digital electronics devices.

The company headquarters is a 4000 sq. meters surface modern factory located close to Madrid, Spain. Everything in house made with the latest manufacturaring techniques, Cad design, CNC and robotized machinery, automated control testing, and highly qualified hand labour. Loudspeakers and manufacturing components are specially developed for our particular applications with the result of an excellent final product with the most demanding audio requirements.

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Tecnare worldwide network, is a huge community composed by more than 30 Tecnare Distributors partners all around the world. We keep growing day per day and step for step. Do you want to be part of it?

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With more than 30 years, Tecnare speakers are the top reference of sound quality combined with stunning aesthetics, extreme sound pressure level and reliability.

Reinventing The Rules

Based on the idea of excellence, we keep “Reinventing the rules” to achieve the highest quality audio products.

With all small details on mind, our will is to make our customers enjoy a truly professional audio experience. Customers are no longer just a business partner but part of our Tecnare community. We invite you to join the minority.


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