TDAP Series

Digital Amplifiers Processed

Introducing the TDAP Series by Tecnare – the ultimate amplifier processing solution for all your audio needs. Featuring a sleek and modern design, the TDAP Series delivers unmatched sound quality and precision, ensuring crystal clear audio reproduction in any environment. These amplifiers are equipped with advanced processing capabilities that allow for precise sound shaping, providing users with complete control over their audio output.










Class D Digital Power Amplifiers
  • 4 Channels
  • 4 x 450 @ 8 ohms
  • 4 x 750 @ 4 ohms
  • 4 x 1300 @ 2 ohm
  • 2 x 1500 @ 8 ohms bridge
  • 2 x 2600 @ 4 ohm bridge
8,3kg. / 9.37lbs
Class D Digital Power Amplifiers
  • 4 Channels
  • 4 x 1000 @ 8 ohms
  • 4 x 1700 @ 4 ohm
  • 4 x 3000 @ 2 ohm
  • 2 x 3400 @ 8 ohms bridge
  • 2 x 6000 @4 ohm bridge
9,4kg. / 10.8lbs
Class D Digital Power Amplifiers
  • 4 Channels
  • 4 x 2000 @ 8 ohms
  • 4 x 3400 @ 4 ohm
  • 4 x 5000 @ 2 ohm
  • 2 x 7000 @ 8 ohms bridge
  • 2 x 9600 @ 4 ohm bridge
12,45kg. / 11,24lbs
TDAP Series 1
TDAP Series 2
TDAP Series 3
TDAP Series 4

TDAP Series: Perfect combination of power and versatility

The 44TDAP DSP amplifier systems integrate light-weight power supplies, high power sonically transparent class-D amplifiers, complete system monitoring and a fully featured ETHERNET network controlled 32 bit / 48kHz DSP processing platform,handled by the front panel dual Rj45 connectors, as standard.
44TDAP Series have been engineered for mid sized venues, rental and touring applications, adopting circuit architecture of multi-loop control technology, bearing-up constant resistance output and developed for low-impedance and high-current, as a result we obtain a power amplifier with a 90% efficiency and an incomparable stability.
All 44TDAP Series amplifiers come with built-in active Power Factor Correction and soft switching technology. It can ensures that a predominantly resistive load is presented to mains thus minimizing current distortion and voltage/current displacement. This leads to improved performance of the amplifier at high levels of output and avoids mains-voltage collapses, typical of standard and switching power supplies. Another great advantage of this
technology is that its performance is, to a large extent, independent of mains voltage. The rated output power does not vary with load/line conditions.
The advanced 48kHz DSP is fully integrated into the product and provides an amount of useful features. Its powerful Limiter suite provides Peak and RMS limiting, as well as multi-band limiting for passive 2-way enclosures. Many convenient features are provided as Gain, delay, EQ and a powerful FIR filtering with 512 taps, bringing linear phase response to the Tecnare presets.

What is a Class D Amplifier?

A Class D amplifier is a type of audio amplifier that uses a switching power supply to deliver high-efficiency amplification of audio signals. Unlike traditional analog amplifiers, which use linear circuits to amplify audio signals, Class D amplifiers use pulse width modulation (PWM) to rapidly switch the power supply on and off at a high frequency, creating a digital signal that is amplified and then filtered to remove any high-frequency switching noise. This allows Class D amplifiers to operate at much higher efficiency than traditional amplifiers, making them an ideal choice for portable and battery-powered audio devices.



TDAP Series 4
TDAP Series 4

Tecnare TDAP Series

The TDAP Series by Tecnare offers an exceptional line of amplifier processors that provide top-quality sound and reliable performance. Among the series’ standout models are the 44TDAP1.3, 44TDAP3.0, and 44TDAP5.0.

In conclusion, the TDAP Series by Tecnare offers a range of high-quality amplifier processors that provide exceptional sound quality and reliable performance. Whether you’re looking for a compact and versatile model or a powerful solution for large events, the TDAP Series has you covered.


why choose TDAP Series Amplifiers?

The TDAP Series by Tecnare boasts a wide range of advantages that make it the perfect choice for any professional audio application. With high efficiency and energy-saving capabilities, these amplifiers are designed to meet the demands of modern, environmentally-conscious users.

  1. Thanks to their compact size and light weight, the TDAP Series models take up minimal space in your rack setup while delivering powerful, reliable performance. Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) ensures efficient power delivery, while advanced protection features such as output overload/short-circuit protection and undervoltage protection for power supply guarantee long-term reliability.
  2. The integrated 32bits, 48kHz DSP with FIR filters allows for precise sound shaping, while the RMS & Peak limiter setting and multiband compressor provide complete control over audio output. Ethernet control and Preset Manager make these amplifiers incredibly user-friendly, and the wide voltage adaptation range ensures consistent performance in any location.
  3. Finally, the TDAP Series amplifiers offer a high level of protection against power compression, over-temperature, and other potential issues. With FIR Filtering, low noise levels, and a mute fan, the TDAP Series amplifiers offer unbeatable performance in a compact, energy-efficient package.


Main Features

  • High efficiency, energy-saving and emission-reduction
  •  Small size, light weight, 1U rack space
  •  Active Power Factor Correction (APFC)
  •  High reliability, meeting the requirements for high-quality audio system and engineering products
  • Low noise of the power amplifier and the mute fan
  •  4-channels models
  •  Integrated 32bits, 48kHz DSP with FIR filters
  •  RMS & Peak limiter setting
  •  Multiband compressor
  •  Ethernet control
  •  100-253c vac wide voltage adaptation range
  •  Amplifier output DC protection
  •  Output overload/short-circuit protection
  •  High temperature power compression, over-temperature protection
  •  Undervoltage protection for power supply


Preset Manager

The 44TDAP Series amplifier preset manager focusing to give a more speaker-based approach to controlling, designing and recalling speaker configurations.

The Device Preset module, provides access to a full device preset of the device. The Speaker config module gives access to only one output channel block.


FIR Filtering

The advantages of FIR filtering include more arbitrary and fine control of a filter’s magnitude and phase characteristics, independent control of magnitude, very long minimum-phase FIR based system EQ, horn correction filtering, independent control of magnitude and phase, and mixed & maximum-phase characteristics.

TDAP Series

Technical Specifications

Model 44TDAP1.3 44TDAP3.0 44TDAP5.0
Power specification RMS output power per channel, all channels driven @1kHz continue sine wave and a nominal ambient temperature of 40degC / 105degF, THD+N=1% RMS output power per channel, all channels driven @1kHz continue sine wave and a nominal ambient temperature of 40degC / 105degF, THD+N=1% RMS output power per channel, all channels driven @1kHz continue sine wave and a nominal ambient temperature of 40degC / 105degF, THD+N=1%
Crest Factor of 7.8 (18dB),
2-ohm nominal load (Note 2)
1.300W 3.000W 5.000W
Crest Factor of 4.8 (14dB),
4-Ohm nominal load
750W 1.700W 3.400W
Crest Factor of 2.8 (9dB),
8-Ohm nominal load
450W 1.000W 2.000W
Bridged, per channel pair, 4
Ohm load (Note 2)
2.600W 6.000W 9.600W
Bridged, per channel pair, 8
Ohm load
1.500W 3.400W 7.000W
RMS Voltage 72.1V 109.5V 126.5V
Number of input channels 4
Input types 4 x Analogue
Number of output channels 4
Control and monitoring Ethernet
System sleep and wakeup Front panel switch, network command and audio detection
Max ambient temperature (full power, no limiting) 45degC (113degF)


Gain volt (Rated Power, @1kHz) 44TDAP1.3 44TDAP3.0 44TDAP5.0
  18dB 21dB 24dB
Modulation scheme Proprietary Multi-Loop control technology architecture – Class D
Dynamic range (analog input to speaker output) >100dBA typ (20Hz – 20kHz, 8Ω)
Frequency response ±0.5dB (10% Rate Power, 20Hz-20kHz, 8Ω) (Note1)
Total harmonic distortion, THD+N Typical: 0.05% (10% Rated Power, 1kHz, 8Ω)
Inter-channel crosstalk (worst combination of
890dB (Below Rated Power, 20Hz – 1kHz, 8Ω)
Damping factor (Ref 8 Ohms) 81000(20Hz-200Hz)
Maximum analog input level +21dBu (8.7Vrms)
Analog input sensitivity range for full output 0dBu to +21dBu, continuously adjustable
Analog input impedance
20k Ohm, electronically balanced
Analog ground scheme AES48 standard compliant
Resolution 32bits, using proprietary algorithms
Sample rate 48kHz
Special functionality  

Class leading 

limiter suite

RMS & Peak limiter setting and Multiband compressor on each outpur


PasteSavePhase display

890dB (Below Rated Power, 20Hz – 1kHz, 8Ω)
Filter Setting Peaking, Low shelf, High Shelf, All-Pass, General Low, Gene- ral High, Butterworth Low (12dB/Oct), Butterworth High (12dB/
Oct), Bessel Low (12dB/Oct), Bessel High (12dB/Oct)
Crossover Filters Butterworth: 12dB/Oct, 18dB/Oct, 24dB/Oct, 36dB/Oct, 48dB/Oct
Bessel: 12dB/Oct, 24dB/Oct, 48db/Oct
Linkwitz-Riley: 12dB/Oct, 24dB/Oct, 48dB/Oct
FIR Output filters 512Taps, 48kHz
Topology (main power supply) 3rd generation Series Resonant
Mains input voltage range (automatically configu- red) 100V to 253V AC
Mains input frequency range
47Hz to 63Hz


System protection Speaker protection
Excessive output current Audio soft-clip limiter
Excessive Voltage Limit DC offset protection
Over Temperature RMS Limiter, Peak Limiter and Multiband limiter
Overload Protection  
Mains voltage out of range

Supply current logged 

of each channel

Run time

Supply voltage logged

of each channel

Serial Number

Operating temperature 

of each channel

Thermal Capacity of power supply

Power module

of each channel

Protection limiting for each output


Cooling Variable speed fans    
Variable speed fans Front to back    
Air filtration PPI5 Washable media    
Analog IN XLR Connector    
Audio output connector NL4 SpeakON®    
Network and Communication 1 x Rj45 socket + 1 x Rj45 switching link; TCP/UDP, 10/100base-T/100base-TX    
Mains input 3 x 2.5mm² Power cord    

Front panel display


Graphical, high contrast, daylight visible    
Front panel encoder One, indented, velocity sensitive    
Enclosure Standard 19” / 1HU (45mm) and optional rear support system    
  44TDAP1.3 44TDAP3.0 44TDAP5.0
Depth 376mm / 14.8-in 376mm / 14.8-in 465mm / 18.3-in
Net Weight 8,3kg. / 9.37lbs 9,4kg. / 10.8lbs 12,45kg. / 11,24lbs


  • Rear rack support kit: TDK-TS
  • T-Rack3U: Modular 19”/3HU Slim & Slam Rack, 600P, four collapsible handles
  • T-Rack6U: Modular 19”/6HU, Pro-Rack Side Sliding door (Front & Rear). Made of black PVC
  • TS-Rack10U: Modular 19”/10HU, Pro-Rack Side Sliding door (Front & Rear). Made of black PVC
  • TRBP1U: Blank panel 19”/1HU
  • TP-B1U: 19”/1HU connection panel for the connection of two TDA Series Amplifier with
    2 Analogue IN /Link, 2 single Analogue IN port, 1 AES3 IN/Link port, 1 Ether- net port, 4 SpeakON® NL4 and 1 SpeakON® NL8 and 1 PowercON® 32
  • TPD32: Power distribution panel, 19”/2HU with 3 16A schuko socket, 3 discrete 32A circuit
    breaker, 1 P17 Plug In and CEE32A out socket, 3 Neon light on the front and 3 3 16A
    schuko socket and 3 PowercON® 32A on the back.