Line Array Series

Intellibility, Uniform Coverage and Incredible Output

Tecnare line array series


Line Array Series are designed both for permanent installation and touring applications where even coverage, intelligibility, and high SPL levels are required.

Array Series are engineered to offer sound reinforcement professionals solutions to meet almost any challenge.

The Tecnare Array Series could be active or passive. The Tecnare PCC-3 Line Array Series a fully integrated line of Self-Powered DSP controlled loudspeakers that merge the singular advantages of array technology, with the application of computer digital management benefits to professional audio reinforcements. With this technique the entire concept of an array box is completely replaced by the idea that each array element changes to be an active device, namely a PCC speaker, controlled with a small laptop via software. A standard PCC speaker houses one or more module amps and a DSP processor. A network through a USB interface to the laptop links all these PCC speakers.

Self-Powered DSP controlled arrays ensure the consistency required to obtain the benefits of line array technology and provide the best flexibility, which is a very important factor when multiple zones within the array are required.

Line Array Series 1


Compact Curvilinear Line Array Loudspeaker
♦ 2-way bi-amp Loudspeaker

♦ 2 x 8-inch LF + 1 x 1.4-inch HF compression driver mounted on one waveguide

Line Array Series 2


Compact Curvilinear Line Array Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way bi-amp Loudspeaker

♦ 2 x 10-inch LF + 1 x 1.4-inch HF compression driver mounted on one waveguide coupled to a constant-directivity horn

Line Array Series 3


High-Power Curvilinear Line Array Loudspeaker
♦ 3-way tri-amp Loudspeaker

♦ 2 x 12-inch LF Horn-Loaded + 1 x 12-inch MF Horn-Loaded + 2×1.4-inch HF compression driver mounted both waveguide coupled to a constant-directivity horn

easy rigging 

Easy Rigging Hardware for make the work of every sound engineer easier. Tecnare provides a wide range of accesories to make this possible.





Maximum Output

Extreme intelligibility

Perfect Coverage

Line Array Series 4
Line Array Series 5
Line Array Series 6


Changhsa City Youth Palace

Changhsa City Youth Palace

Changsha, China Youth PalaceTecnare has the privilege of provide the entire sound reinforcement of the new Youth Palace Theatre of the chinesse city of Changsha, through it´s Exclusive Distributor Soundlook.Reinventing The RulesInstallation Review   Tecnare has...

Missipi´s Dubai

Missipi´s Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Missipi´s Tecnare through the company Levels AV, Exclusive Distributor of Tecnare in Dubai, has provide some of the main sound reinforcement of Missipi´s Pool Bar. Reinventing The RulesInstallation Review   Missipi´s Pool Bar &...

Valeria Soul

Valeria Soul

Yuncos, Toledo, Spain Valeria SoulValeria Soul, placed in Yuncos, Toledo, Spain, is a venue that mix live DJ Music with a new concept cuisine, with spectacular shows. Reinventing The RulesInstallation Review   Valeria Soul, placed in Yuncos, Toledo, Spain, is a venue...

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