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TS Series: Tower & Column Loudspeakers


Tecnare TS Series are a new Range of Tower Loudspeaker Series, specially designed for installations, were high definition and fashion design were required.

The small and unobtrusive aluminum enclosure is a fit for most architecturally environments. This range of speakers is the perfect solution for all kind of public address installations, designed to offer a cost efective but professional solution, suited for installations such as conference rooms, congress centers, place of worship, shopping malls, etc.
TS-Series passive column loudspeakers are available in 2 colors : black and white
Wall mount supports/brackets included.

tower speaker line array

Public address installation

Place of worship

Convention centres & Hotels

Outdoor music and speech use

TS24 Tower Speaker

Download TS24 Data Sheet

TS43 Tower Speaker

Download TS43 Data Sheet

TS83 Tower Speaker

Download TS83 Data Sheet