CS Electronics

DSP Amplifiers & Digital Matrix Processors







Four Channels Digital Amplifier Volt Constant
  • 4 Channels
  • 2 × 1000 W @8Ω bridge
  • A 4 ohmios: 500 W por Canal
  • 2 x 1000 W @100V, 2x600W @70 V line bridged
4,25kg. / 9.37lbs
  • 8 Input Channels (analog)
  • 8 Output Channels (analog)
  • Input: Sensivility, EXP, COMP, AGC, PEQ, AFC/ANS/Auto Mixer
  • Output: Crossover, PEQ, Delay; Limiter, Phase
5,1kg. / 11,24lbs
CS Electronics 1
CS Electronics 2

Commercial Amplifiers

Tecnare’s CS Electronics series of amplifiers is a top-of-the-line solution for sound professionals seeking exceptional sound quality and reliability. The series includes the powerful DMA8X8 matrix and the DAV4X500 amplifier. The DMA8X8 offers eight inputs and eight outputs, with the ability to route any input to any output, making it ideal for complex sound reinforcement applications. The DAV4X500, on the other hand, is a versatile four-channel amplifier capable of delivering up to 500 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Both units feature advanced signal processing and protection features to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With the CS Electronics series, Tecnare has once again proven its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the most demanding sound reinforcement applications.

CS Electronics 2

 Four Channels Digital Amplifier Volt Constant


4 Channel Digital Amplifier with DSP

The DAV is a Class-D, Hi-Z and Low-z power amplifier designed for both commercial and industrial public address applications and small professional sound systems.
The integrate SHARC® DSP and network control offers remotely monitor status of power amplifier, compression Controller, limiter, noise gate, parametric equalization, matrix routing, delay and other DSP functions in real time.
The simple software interface allows an easy setup and operation. Also provides a variety of connection methods ensure its good configuration and expandability, suitable for various applications, such as performance centre, theatre, gallery, hotel, conference centre, shopping centre, retail store, restaurant, etc.





CS Electronics 1
CS Electronics 5


Technical Specifications


General Specifications  
Amplifier topology Class-D
Number of channels Four
Total Power output 4×500 W @4Ω; or 2×1000 W @8Ω bridge / 2 x 1000 W @100V, 2x600W @70 V line bridged
Audio inputs 4x Analogue, and Optional 4xDante™ (factory fitted option)
Digital Signal Processing DSP SHARC® processing on all inputs and outputs
Control & monitoring TCP/IP, USB, RS485, RS232, GPIO – Volt-free relay and contact closure port
Frequency response, 4 Ω load +/- 0.5dB, 20Hz to 20kHz @8Ω load
Total harmonic distortion, THD ‹0.1% typical, 1kHz signal, full power
Inter-channel crosstalk worst case combination Better than -70dBr at 1kHz
Maximum analoge input level +16dBu (4.9V) => +6dB
Digital Signal Processing
Resolution 24 bit
Sample rate 48 kHz
Input processing Input signal routing, gain, sensitivity level, Polarity, Mute, Noise Gate
EQ: 31 x PEQ / HPF / LPF
Output processing Source, delay, gain, polarity, Mute, crossover filters, Limiters, Out Compressor
EQ: low shelf, 10xPEQ / HPF / LPF
Power Output  
4Ω nominal load, per channel
500 W
8Ω nominal load, per channel 300 W
Bridge, per channel pair, 8Ω nominal load 1000 W
70V / 100V line operation /two channel line bridged 600 W/1000 W; 70V/100V
Impedance 4-16 ohm, DSP Selectable
Protections Systems  
System protection
  • Startup delay
  • Excesive temperature
  • Main voltage: Over / Under voltage protection
  • Power circuit breacker
  • Fan operation at correct speed
Speaker protection
  • Limiter
  • DC Offset protection
  • Excessive HF energy (VHF) limiter
  • Temperature
  • Power
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Monitoring
  • Each driver impedance
  • Protection limiting for each output
Two fans intelligent control
Analogue IN and LINK 4x female XLR, Input Phoenix pluggable terminal block, Link Phoenix terminal block
Amplifiers output 4x two (black and red) binding post terminal
Main input connector IEC connector
Dante™ Primary and Secondary 2x Shielded RJ45
Relay output & contact clousure input Phoenix pluggable terminal block
Front panel display 320 x 320 IPS LCD
Front panel encoders One, idented, velocity sensitive
Front panel push buttons Four for Mute and Escape
LED indicators Power on
Standard 19” 1U (44,5×300)mm (11.81” deep)
Net Weight
3,6kg (7.93 lbs)




CS Electronics 6
CS Electronics 7

DMA8X8 is an audio matrix with 8 inputs/8 outputs, with remote control and monitoring through PC software, from remote panels or from configurable and customizable APPs, available for iOS or Android devices.
The DMA8X8 interface enables customers to perform centralized control of multiple devices. It also allows third-party equipment to be controlled through RS232, RS485 ports; The digital signal processor (DSP) includes multiple functions such as expander, compressor, limiter, automatic gain control (AGC), equalization, feedback suppression, echo cancellation (AEC), noise suppression (ANS), automix, etc.



The DMA8X8 processor uses an ADI DSP SHARC 21489 chip, clocked at 450M Hz, 48kHz sampling rate, and 24bits.

DSP input and output modules can be customized according to the site conditions and needs.

With the DMA8X8 the audio processing needs in different spaces, such as conference rooms, multifunction rooms, conference centers, auditoriums, administrative centers, etc., will be fully satisfied.

In addition, it has a USB port that, connected to a computer, behaves like a sound card to play a music channel.

It also has two remote control panels (via Ethernet) configurable from software.


Technical Specifications

Input Channels (analog) 8
Output Channels (analog) 8
Input Sensivility, EXP, COMP, AGC, PEQ, AFC/ANS/Auto Mixer
Output Crossover, PEQ, Delay; Limiter, Phase
Input gain 0/6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB
THD+N 0.003% @4dBu
Frequency response 20~20kHz ±0.2dB
Maximum level +24dBu
Phantom power +48V
Dynamic range (analog channel) 113dB
Self-Noise (A-Weighting-analog) -89dBu
Common mode rejection ratio @60Hz 80dB
Channel isolation @1kHz 108dB
Input impedance (balanced connection) 9.4KΩ
Output impedance (balanced connection) 102Ω
System delay <3ms
Power supply AC110~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 482 x 260 x 45mm
Weight 3kg



Remote 8-zone microphone station for DMA8X8


  • Zone selectors for Z1~Z8. Talk and bell on/off
  • Volume level control for MIC & Chime.


  • RS485 communication with DSP-880N+, DSP-880M+, DSP-880ND+.
  • DC Input


  • Power, Busy, Signal, Clip


Technical Specifications


Rated Output Level/Impedance 0dB/600Ω Balanceada
Input Sensitivity/Impedance -36dB / 20 k Ω Balanceada
Frequency Response (-1dB) 80 Hz-15 kHz
T.H.D <0,1%
Hum and Noise >90 dB
Number of Zones 8 Zonas
Weight (Net) 1,2 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 140x60x205mm (solo el cuerpo)


CS Electronics 9


CS Electronics 10
  • Eight buttons and one knob;
  • Support customized functions
  • Use UDP communication protocol;
  • POE power supply




  • One knob;
  • Support customized functions
  • Use UDP communication protocol;
  • POE power supply
  • Support 32 menus.
Programmable buttons 8 (support user-defined)
Control knob 1
Control protocol UDP communication protocol
Address setting method TCP/IP
Signal cable length 100 meters
Power supply PoE power supply (Not provided)
Connection port RJ-45
Power consumption <100mw
Color White
Material Aluminum alloy
Control knob  1
Control protocol UDP communication protocol
Address setting method TCP/IP
Signal cable length 100 meters
Power supply PoE power supply (Not provided)
Connection port RJ-45
Power consumption <100mw
Color White
Material Aluminum alloy