Sub Series Accessories









Rigging Hardware Kit from SW-118M Subwoofer

Multipurpose Grid of CLa208/SW-118M. Allow up to 10 SW-118M Subwoofer to be flown & groundstacking

Wooden Transport dolly of SW-118M. Allows up to 3 SW-118M Subwoofer

Rigging hardware kit from SW-18VR Subwoofer









Wooden Transport dolly from SW-18VR Subwoofer

Multipurpose Grid of CLa21/18VR. Allow up to 18 CLa21 to be flown. Compatible with SW18VR for flown configurations

Plate with M20 thread on top panel from SW-18VR/SW-118M & SW12 subwoofers

Rigging Hardware kit from SW-218EB Subwoofer









Top Grid from SW-218EB. Allows up to 10 SW-218EB Subwoofer

Wooden Transport Dolly from SW-218EB. Allows transport up to 3 SW-218EB Subwoofer

Caster Frame from SW-218EB. Allows transport up to 4 SW-218EB

Woodenboard from SW-218EB. Allows transport a SW-218EB loudspeaker









Rigging Structure for SW-118M. Allows up to 12 SW-118M Subwoofer. Designed for fixed installations

Adapter Link beetween SW118M and CLa208