Full Range Loudspeakers

Ibza Series

IBZA Series Loudspeakers are the ultimate reference for all kind of venue environments where high-end audio, sound quality, stunning aesthetics, extremesound pressure level and reliability are required.

IBZA Series Speakers offers unbeatable audioperformance for dance environments, where high output, low-distortion,and the highest quality sound are required. IBZA series are synonymous with exceptional sound quality and reliability, designed for the most discerning DJ and audio systems contractor.

IBZA Series 1

IBZA Series can be sold in passive version as well as Self-Powered DSP control ones. Active “A” version includes a factory preset setting of the speaker that assuresa perfect sound. Active “PCC-3” version adds tofactory preset setting the possibility of networking loudspeaker system control via software. PCC Technology transforms a standard Self-Powered speaker into an active device, namely a PCC speaker, controlled with a small laptop via software. A standard PCC speaker houses one or more module amps and a DSP processor. All these PCC speakers are linked by a network through a USB interface to the laptop. Once connected,we can control in real time the parameters of each speaker such as volume, graphic equalisation, parametric equalisation, internal delays, save and recall of presets, mute, polarity, and more!


A New Experience in Sound Reinforcement

IBZA Series 2

Ibza P204

Ultra-Compact Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 2 x 4-inch LF + 1 x soft dome tweeter HF

IBZA Series 3

Ibza 6Plus

Compact Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 1 x 6½-inch LF + 1 x 1-inch HF Driver

IBZA Series 4

Ibza 6 Hz

Ultra Compact Full Range Mid Z Loudspeaker

♦ Compact Full-Range system
♦ 6 ½” Full range loudspeaker
♦ 40 Ω nominal impedance

IBZA Series 5

Ibza 6

Full Range Compact Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 1 x 6 ½-inch LF cone, Vented box

♦1 x 1.25-inch tweeter

IBZA Series 6

Ibza 8

Compact Multi-purpose Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 1 x 8-inch LF + 1 x 1-inch HF

IBZA Series 7

Ibza 10

Compact Multi-purpose Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 1 x 10-inch LF + 1 x 1-inch HF

IBZA Series 8

Ibza 12

Compact Multi-Purpose Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 1 x 12-inch LF + 1 x 1-inch HF asymmetrical dispersion horn

IBZA Series 9

Ibza 15

Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

♦ 2-way passive Full-Range Loudspeaker

♦ 1 x 15-inch LF + 1 x 1.4-inch HF on CD horn

About Ibza Series

Released on the best Ibiza Clubs, this range of loudspeakers, quickly highlighted thanks to its excellent performance. Housed with the Best European Components, made it with Finnish birch plywood and crafted with Polyurea waterproof paint, Ibza Series are ready for any clubbing & touring challenge. 

IBZA Series 10

Best European Components

Tecnare only uses the Best Components from the top European Loudspeakers Manufacturers

IBZA Series 11

Waterproof Polyurea Paint

Tecnare Speakers are manufactured with Birch Plywood and crafted with Polyurea Waterproof Paint.

IBZA Series 12

High Fidelity Sound

In Tecnare Demos, our speakers performs in flat mode, without any EQ, cause our Sound quality doesn´t have nothing to hide. Words doesn´t matter, until you heard it!

IBZA Series 13

Do you know Ibza6 Hz?

Ibza6 Hz: Unique High Fidelity Loudspeaker at 40 Ohms Without Transformer

Can you imagine, make an entire installation with just one amplifier? Is real and possible, with the new Tecnare Ibza6 Hz, a High Impedance Loudspeaker of 40 Ohms. Using only 1 unit of a Tecnare T10-48 Amplifier, you can connect 128 Ibza6 Hz. Forget the noise and low quality of the common PA Systems with 100V/70V transformers, and rise the Best Standards with Ibza Series.

Check Ibza Series Accesories!

Ibza Series Accessories

Check all the Accesories available for Ibza Series and Know everything you can do!

IBZA Series 14