Active Series

The Active Series combine the advantages of the Self–Powered systems through the application of digital technology with the latest advance in acoustics improved throughout decades, providing a sound that redefine the concept of high fidelity sound quality.

The Active Series counts with two models of Self–Powered system, PCC–3 Series and A– Series.

PCC-3 Series combines a high power bi-amplified unit, class D, and switch mode power supply with on-board DSP SHARK® -all fully networkable- of 4th generation up to 24bit/96kHz that allow PC control in real time as well as monitoring most of their parameters.

The A-Series has a class H bi-amplified unit with a remarkable performance that incorporate a high quality DSP Analogue Devices® with a fixed factory –preset.


TECNARE A–Series deliver a superb and clean acoustic output, no matter how hard or for how long the speakers are driven. A series houses a reliable performance DSP – high power Class–H amplifier.

PCC3 Series

PCC Technology is the future in the evolution of the concept of sound reinforcement, based on the application of computer digital management advantages to professional audio reinforcements.