Passive Loudspeakers

Tecnare Sound Systems,
includes a wide variety of speakers, classified by series, and oriented to specific applications.


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E Series

Tecnare introduces the new E Series affordable loudspeakers that provide excellent performance and are designed for use in a variety of applications.
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Ibza Series

IBIZA Series offers unbeatable audioperformance for dance environments, where high output, low-distortion,and the highest quality sound are required.
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V Series

V Series means “Versatile loudspeakers“, portable sound reinforcement products, ideally suited to all kinds of live performances, including stage monitoring.
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A.L.I.S Series

The A.L.I.S. (Adaptive Loudspeaker Integrate  point Source) is a high-Q arrayable speaker, suited for a wide range of applications.

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AMS Series

Tecnare AMS Series (Arrayable Multipurpose Speaker) have been released to be the most versatile sound system solution for all kind of audio applications.
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Array Series

Array Series are designed both for permanent installation and touring applications where even coverage, intelligibility, and high SPL levels are required. Array Series are engineered to offer sound reinforcement professionals solutions to meet almost any challenge.
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CS Series

Tecnare Commercial Series are a new range of Ceiling and Built-In Loudspeakers, specially developed for PA Ceiling Applications, background music and foreground applications that require premium performance and cost competitiveness.

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TS Series

Tecnare TS Series are a new Range of Tower Loudspeaker Series, specially designed for installations, were high definition and fashion design were required.

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Subwoofer Series

The Subwoofer Series of Tecnare Sound Systems, includes a large variety of products for every kind of application. Designed with a clear purpose, every product of the Subwoofer Series are entrusted to resolve all the problems that a sound engineer could have.
Passive Loudspeakers 10

Tanit Series

Tanit Series represent a new era in sound reinforcement. Composed by Tanit Column Loudspeaker and Tanit SubTanit Series are the perfect combo for all the needs of sound engineering.