2-Way Bi-amp enclousure

2 x 10-inch LF cone, dipolar shape, Vented box

1 x 1.4-inch HF compression driver mounted on one waveguide coupled to a CD horn

CLa21 1


710 W AES / 1420 W continuous


LF: 8 Ohm / HF: 16 Ohm


136.5 dB continuos / 142.5 peak


35 Kg

The CLa21 is a high-power, bi-amp 2-way, line array module engineered to deliver an incredible output for use in both indoor or outdoor. The Tecnare CLa21 has enough new solutions to make the work of sound engineers easier .

First of all we have established a design criterion in which the size of the cabinet is extremely compact. The bass and mid section are conformed by two 10″ dipolar mounted drivers and High frequency is handled by a 1.4” exit (3-inch voice coil) compression driver attached to a pattern controlled (75º horizontal x 13º vertical) symmetrical curved waveguide. The advanced bass-reflex and port arrangement delivers full bandwidth capabilities with an extended LF output. Due to the dipolar arrangement of the LF drivers, a broadband, horizontal dispersion control nominally is maintained down to approximately 500 Hz.

The system’s shape is trapezoidal , so we can better angle and focus its elements. This feature could partially solve front applications, if the front focused elements could be managed independently apart from the other elements of the array.

The enclosure has been made with the latest techniques assuring a perfect and rigid construction. Weather protected finish is provided, as the cabinet is covered with Poliurea protection finish and protected with epoxy powder coating grills.


  • High output to size ratio
  • 2 x 10-inch-LF cone, dipolar shape, vented box/ 1 x 1.4-inch exit (3-inch voice coil) HF compression driver mounted on one waveguid attached a CD Horn
  • Exceptional pattern control due to symmetrical design


  • Theater
  • Touring sound, sports arenas
  • Near-field applications
  • hotel ballrooms live clubs and disco
  • corporate A/V, performing arts centers
Frequency Response: 60/80(1) Hz- 18 Khz
Components: Low and mid: 2 x 10”, 3” voice coil; HF: 1 x1.4” compression driver, 3” voice coil
Nominal Dispersion: Horizontal: 75º; Vertical: depending on array length and configuration
Impedance: LF: 8 Ohm / HF: 16 Ohm
Axial Sensitivity: 108 dB (1w/1m)
Calculated SPL: 136 dB continuos / 142 peak
Power Handling:

710 W AES / 1420 W continuous

       *LF power: 600W AES /1200 W continuos @8ohm

      *HF power: 110W AES /220 continuos @16ohm

Dimensions (HxWxD) (millimeters/inches): 320x741x479mm / 12.6″ x 29.7″ x 18.85″
Net Weight (kg/Pounds): 35 Kg / 77.16 lbs
Construction: 16mm birch plywood. Finished in black semi-matt textured Durawound weatherized coating. One recessed carrying handle.
Grille:  Powder coated perforated steel with acoustically transparent reticulated foam.

(1) Standard (CLa21 preset)/CUT mode (CLa21_80 preset)

  • Accessories
    • Multipurpose Top Grid: THV-21/18V
    • CLa21 AngExt Angle extension Arm for THV-21/18VR
    • PB-CLa21 PullBack
    • Wooden dolly CLa21: TWD-21
    • FUND-3 CLa21 – Three-high CLa21 Transit Cover: Covers three stacked
    • FUND-4 CLa21 – Four-high CLa21 Transit Cover: Covers four stacked
    • FC-CLa21 – Flight-case for CLa21: Road-ready Flight Case for 4 x CLa21

    Available Versions

    • CLa21P – driven through passive crossover network

Colour Options

  • White colour
  • Black colour
  • RAL colour


Touring sound, sports arenas

Hotel ballrooms live clubs and disco

Corporate A/V, performing arts centers

CLA21 Accessories

CLa21 2
Mini Top Grid of CLa21. Allow up to 6 CLa21 to flown
CLa21 3
Multipurpose Grid of CLa21/18VR. Allow up to 18 CLa21 to be flown. Compatible with SW18VR for flown configurations
CLa21 4
Pitch Angle Extension for CLa21 when it is attached to THV21-18VR or on SW-18VR
CLa21 5
Pull Back Bar from CLa21. Allows to a CLa21 array a third-point suspension
CLa21 6
Wooden dolly to transport up to 4 CLa21

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