TUB-I6P U-Bracket 2

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TUB-I6P U-Bracket 3


TUB-I6P U-Brackets secure and safely aim IBZA6Plus and IBZA6Hz loudspeakers in horizontal or vertical from structural surfaces including: walls, ceilings, under balconies and overhangs. Loudspeakers rotate within the arms of the bracket to provide one axis of rotation.

Flexible features allow these mounts to be installed anywhere, under trussing with a half coupler, atop tripod stands or suspended from overhead with pipe or threaded rod.

Steel, painted black or RAL colour under request.


U-Bracket: (236,4 x 75 x 255) mm; (9.31 x 2.95 x 10.04) in



1,5 kg (3.3 lb)

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