Ibza6 HZ



  • Compact two-way passive system
  • 6 ½” Full range loudspeaker
  • 40 Ω nominal impedance



100 W AES / 200 W continuous


SPL (1m): 111 dBspl / Maximum Peak SPL 117 dBspl



40 Ohm







The IBZA6HZ is a trapezoidal compact loudspeaker designed to provide highquality sound and reliable performance for distributed systems. Huosed in a wooden enclosure, the IBZA6HZ is especially suitable for installations involving space limitations and which long distance cables should be using. The exclusive special designed loudspeaker, inch cone transducer medium impedance, loaded in a vented-bass cabinet delivers a maximum peak SPL of 117 dB and it have a wide operation range of 110Hz to 20kHz with very low distortion, providing an extremely coherent coverage through 70° conical field.

In full-range mode with or without processor the IBZA6HZ is perfect for speech and vocal applications such as conferencing, TV studios, shopping centre, etc. With a processor, it offers highly accurate music reproduction. Combined with Tecnare® subwoofers, IBZA6HZ is capable of high level performance in a variety of applications.

The box houses multiple internal rigging points M6 insert for different flying bracket and a 3/8” insert on the bottom for pole-mount.

The cabinet is coated with rugged Polyurea texture finish and protected with special grille.




  • Compact two-way passive system
  • 6 ½” Full range loudspeaker
  • 40 Ω nominal impedance
  • Mounting accessories


  • Background Music in restaurants, club, airpots
  • Museums and AV Spaces
  • Convention centres
  • Hotels
  • Distibuted, Fill and Bajo Balcony




Frequency Response:                                                                110 Hz – 20 kHz*
Frequency Response: Free Field:                                            125 Hz – 18 kHz ±3 dB

Components:                                                                              1 x 6 ½” cone drivers ferrita magnet, direct radiation. Bass-reflex

Nominal Dispersion:                                                                  70° x 70º
Impedance:                                                                                  40 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W/1m):                                                                   88dB

Calculated SPL:                                                                          111 dBspl / Maximum Peak SPL 117 dBspl
Power Handling:                                                                        100 W

Power (Continuous):                                                                 200 W
Dimmensions (HxWxD) (millimeters/inches):                      230 x 211,7 x 223 mm (HxWxD)
Net Weight (kg/Pounds):                                                           5,3 kg (11,68 lbs
Construction:                                                                             16mm birch plywood. Finished in black semi-matt textured Durawound weatherized                                                                                                               coating. One recessed carrying handle.
Grille:                                                                                           Powder coated perforated steel with acoustically transparent                                                                                                              reticulated foam




  • Versions:

-White color

-Black color



Background Music in restaurants, club, airpots


Museums and AV Spaces


Convention centres