THV21-18VR Multipurpose Grid 2

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THV21-18VR Multipurpose Grid 3


Suspension Accessorie THV21-18VR multipurpose grid allows CLa21 curvilinear array /SW18VR Sub loudspeakers to be flown or ground stacked. Up to 21 CLa21s (or the equivalent weight of CLa21s and SW18VR-Subs) may be suspended from single or multiple rigging points of appropriate rating.

Steel, painted black or RAL colour under request.


THV21-18VR: (747 x 867 x 88,1) mm; (29.4 x 34.1 x 3.5) in



31 kg (68.34 lb)

Downloads: THV21-18VR

THV21-18VR Installation

THV21-18VR PDF Drawings

28 Oct., 2018  Rev. 1

THV21-18VR Product information

16 Oct. 2018. Rev 1.0

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