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HG-1 Universal Bracket

• Manufactured from extruded Aluminium.

• Mounting holes from M8 to M10 screws.

The HG-1 Universal rigging bracket is time-saving rigging solutions that provide a safe method of securing loads at ceiling or truss.

Once anchored, they provide a simple and reliable method for aiming loudspeakers.

HG-1 is secured to the ceiling or truss throug a threaded hole to attached it a clamp truss or ceiling embedded screws.


Bracket: (180 x 37 x 31) mm; (7.08 x 1.45 x 1.22) in



0,9 kg (1.98 lb)

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29 Jan., 2018  Rev 1.0

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01 Jan. 2018. Rev 1.2

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