Sonically pureClass D-Power Amplifier


  • 4 channels
  • 4 x 3000W @ 4 Ω T20-44
  • 4 x 2500W @ 4 Ω T10-44
  • 4 x 1500W @ 4 Ω T06-44
  • Analoge, AES3, Dante™ digital network input



20.000 Watts


4 Channels



Analoge, AES3, Dante™ digital network input


12.5kg (27.5 pounds)



After a few years of design and development, we give a new twist to out our motto of “Reinventing the rules” with the new power amplifiers T44 series, where in addition to a robust package, the surpass similar products in power delivery, sonic performance and efficiency, we have focused on the tiniest details.

Share the same features set and form factor as Tecnare’s T48 Series amplifier and it is available in models developing between 1500 and 5000 Watts per channel or up to 10000 Watts for a bridged pair. The integrated state-of-the-art DSP being the perfect complement to the world’s finest loudspeaker systems.

The T44 Series delivers high power and sonic quality thanks to a careful design of all its components. The state-of-the-art switch-mode power technology allows high output power with superior efficiency. The T44 has a very high level of reliability thanks to its numerous protections against clipping, high voltages or current, and driver overexcursion and overheating. Its functional parameters, mains voltage, current draw, impedance load or protection trigger, are monitored and saved. The temperature is carefully controlled by variable-speed forced-air cooling. The T-44 is lighter than most amplifiers and fits in only two rack units to ease transport and handling. The device can be configured via its front panel LCD screen, and via PC connexion thanks to its RJ45 port and a modern TCP-based protocol.

Its integrated 4-channel DSP is based upon the same technology than the DP4896, with a modular control of presets, grouping functionilities and advanced speaker protections.

Its characteristics are high dynamic and power capacities, combined with a sturdy and ergonomic design that perfectly meets the requirements of live events and shows, in fixed installation as well as in touring.


  • 4 sonically pure class D channels
  • Unique, precise digital signal processing
  • Over designed universal power supply
  • Analoge, AES3 and optional DANTE™ audio input / SPEAKON® NL4 output connectors
  • Accepts 48kHz and 96kHz FIR files via System Engineer (certain models)
  • Manufactured in UK


  • Medium and large size PA systems
  • Disco, club and DJ sound
  • TECNARE systems
  • Public Spaces
  • Mobile and fixed installation

General Specifications
Number of Channels   4
Power Output, all channels driven       (RMS) T20-44: 4 x 3000 Watt @ 4 ohm / 4 x 5000 Watt @ 2 ohm / 2 x 10000 Watt @ 4 ohm Bridge
T10-44:                                                         4 x 2500 Watt @ 4 ohm / 4 x 2500 Watt @ 2 ohm / 2 x 5000 Watt @ 4 ohm Bridge
T06-44:                                                         4 x 1500 Watt @ 4 ohm / 4 x 1500 Watt @ 2 ohm / 2 x 3000 Watt @ 4 ohm Bridge
Audio Performance
Gain                                                             (with all the DSP level controls set to 0dB) 32 dB
Frequency response,                                4 Ohm load <7Hz to >30kHz, 4 Ohms, ‐2.5dB points
Inter‐channel crosstalk,                           worst case combination better than ‐85dBr at 1kHz and ‐75dBr at 10kHz
Total harmonic distortion,                      THD <0.05% typical, 1kHz signal, AES17 filter, 4 Ohm load
Power Supply
Topology                                                     (main power supply) high performance Series Resonant
Topology                                                     (auxiliary and standby supplies) Low quiescent Eco‐Flyback
Nominal                                                      mains input voltage range 85V to 240V, Power supply automatically detects voltage and configures accordingly

Audio Input Analog:                                  4x female and 4x male NeutrikTM XLR-3 / 1 x Male and 1 x female Neutrik TM XLR-3
Amplifiers output                                      4x Neutrik SpeakonTM NL4 connectors
Network data port RS485                        1 x Shielded RJ45 with 2 recessed rotary encoders for ID selection
Dante Primary and Secondary               2x Shielded RJ45
Enclosure Standard                                  19” 2U (88mm), 357mm (14”) deep with handles and optional rear support
Net Weight                                                 12.5kg (27.5 pounds)



  • Optional DANTE™ CARD
  • Rear Support kit

Medium and large size PA systems


Disco, club and DJ sound


Public Spaces


Mobile and fixed installation

T Series