• 2 analog inputs / 6 analog outputs
  • High quality 24bit – 96 kHz audio processing





Number of Channels: 2 analogs input / 6 analogs output

Sample Rate / Bit Depth 96kHz / 24-bits


HPF/LPF types: Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Hardman

2.7 kg (6 pounds)

The new Digital Loudspeaker Controlled TECNARE DP2696 is high performance and user-friendly signal processor for loudspeaker system. The DPSeries supplies generous amounts of signal processing capability and a wide variety of crossover shapes, providing processing of 2 input for up to stereo 3-way or mono 6-way configurations.

On each input: Gain, Hi and Lo pass filters, Hi and Lo shelving, 6 band PEQ and delay. On each output: Gain, Crossovers, Hi and Lo shelving, 6 PEQ, phase reverse, delay and limiter.

The DP2696 is capable of crossovers up to 8th order (48dB/Octave). In addition to the usual Butterworth, LinkwitzRiley and Bessel filter shapes, the DP2696 provides access to Hardman crossover filtering, a technique we are proud to have introduced to the industry. Hardman filters produce much steeper cutoff slopes for a given order than conventional crossover alignments, without any additional group delay. This allows a lower order filter to be used without sacrificing cut-off characteristics, but with smoother group delay and less severe phase penalties, giving a more natural sound. Hardman filters also provide identical phase characteristics between adjacent bands (like LinkwitzRiley), so the polar performance is rock steady.

The Hardman high-pass and low-pass filter are particularly avantgarde and enable the use to do very selective cuts (with high slopes) without introducing phase rotation, thus allowing the design of very accurate crossovers.

The DP2696 uses 24bits96kHz sampling rate, Burr-Brown analogue-to-digital converter, the renowned Wolfson multi-bit digital-toanalogue converter, and a powerful 3rd generation SHARC Digital signal Processor (DSP). All this adds up to deliver the ultimate in sonic transparency and a stunning open natural sound quality

The DP2696 processor may be controlled comprehensively from their front panel or by using the proper software application, via the RS232 port or an USB adapter. Option Ethernet interface offers networking of several units.

PCCNet card are available to put a network and remotely manage processing racks for several equipment.


  • High quality 24-bits / 96 kHz 3th generation SHARC DSP
  • Two input & six output analog channels
  • Hardman Filters
  • Delay 400ms on input, 80 ms on outputs
  • Manufactured in UK


  • Small and medium size PA systems
  • Disco, club and DJ sound
  • TECNARE systems
  • Public Spaces
  • Mobile and fixed installation
  • Distributed System control
General Specifications
Number of Channels                                           2 analogs input / 6 analogs output
Max input level                                                    +20dBu
Max Output level                                                 +22dBu into 600R
Sample Rate / Bit Depth                                      96kHz / 24-bits
Frequency Response / Dynamic Range           10 Hz-40 kHz, +/-3 dB />110dBA Typ. (20Hz – 20kHz)
THD                                                                            (20Hz–20kHz): <0.008% Typ
Audio Processing
Input Gain                                                                -80 to +20dB
Delay Input Delay:                                                 0 to 405ms / Output Delay: 0 to 80ms
HPF/LPF types Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Hardman
Power Supply
Mains power                                                            Universal switch-mode PSU, 85v to 250v AC, 50/60 Hz
Consumption                                                           < 25 Watts
Connectors Input:                                                  Female XLR-3 / Output: Male XLR-3
Comunications ports                                            RS232 / SUB D9, Rj45 PCC-NET Card
Enclosure                                                                  Standard 19” 1U (44mm, 1.7″), 254mm (10”)
Net Weight                                                               2.7 kg (6 pounds)
Small and medium size PA systems
Disco, club and DJ sound
Public Spaces
Mobile and fixed installation