Changsha, China

Youth Palace

Tecnare has the privilege of provide the entire sound reinforcement of the new Youth Palace Theatre of the chinesse city of Changsha, through it´s Exclusive Distributor Soundlook.

Reinventing The Rules

Installation Review


Tecnare had the privilege of supplying all the sound reinforcement for the new youth palace theater in the Chinese city of Changsa, through its exclusive distributor Soundlook.

This magnificent building with a total area of ​​55,848.34 square meters, recently renovated, has a fan-shaped auditorium with capacity for 600 seats.

The main sound reinforcement system is designed according to the left, middle and right sound channels, with 2 groups of main left and right channels, each with 4 CLA208 and 2 SW118M, forming a line array system to provide a wide coverage to the audience.

The central channel consists of 2 flown IBZA12s, arranged on both sides of the stage.

The front part of the stage is equipped with 4 IBZA6s, as front fill. The proscenium width is 11.2 meters, the front row listening distance is approximately 4 meters, the speaker coverage angle is 80 degrees x 80 degrees, and the 4-unit configuration achieves ideal area coverage frontal.

Likewise, 4 V12 loudspeakers were used as a monitor system, managing to cover the 30-meter wide stage.

The lateral part of the auditorium is 6 meters wide. Therefore, a V15 loudspeaker was used on both sides of the lateral end of the auditorium, to cover these areas.

The main sound reinforcement system is equipped with 1 DP4896 and 1 DP2696 digital audio processor, as well as PA Series amplifiers.



DP Series





PA Series