Changsha, China

Youth Palace

Tecnare has the privilege of provide the entire sound reinforcement of the new Youth Palace Theatre of the chinesse city of Changsha, through it´s Exclusive Distributor Soundlook.

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Tecnare has the privilege of provide the entire sound reinforcement of the new Youth Palace Theatre of the chinesse citi of Changsha, through it´s Exclusive Distributor Soundlook.
This magnificent building with a total surface of 55848,34 square meters, recently refurbished, owns an entire fan-shapped auditorium with a capacity of 600 seats.
The main sound reinforcement system is designed according to the left, middle and right sound channels, with 2 groups of left and right main sound reinforcement channels, each with 4 Tecnare CLA208 and 2 SW118M, forming a line array system to cover the audience.
CLA208 is an active/passive two-way dual 8-inch line array speaker. The horizontal coverage angle is 110 degrees and the vertical coverage angle can be adjusted with the array combination. It can achieve accurate sound field projection coverage, reduce wall reflection and reverberation time, and improve clarity degree. The sensitivity of a single speaker is 107dB, and the peak sound pressure is as high as 140dB. CLA line array system can provide smooth frequency response and phase response and strong sound pressure effect.
The center channel consists of 2 Tecnare IBZA12 array speakers. Two Tecnare IBZA12 array speakers are arranged on both sides of the stage frame as audio and video speakers. Tecnare IBZA12 is an active/passive two-way 12-inch array loudspeaker. It uses Tecnare’s uniquely designed “vertical (500-1000) x horizontal 600” asymmetrical horn patented technology to allow a single speaker to achieve a reasonable resolution. Layer covering technical effect. The narrow-angle design of the upper part minimizes the sound reflection and sound interference of the ceiling and the wall, improves the voice clarity and reduces the reverberation time.
The lip fill is equipped with 4 Tecnare IBZA6 loudspeakers, a small cabinet, a large sound pressure, and a rated power of up to 8 ohms and 200W, which is beautiful and generous. The proscenium width is 11.2 meters, the front row hearing distance is about 4 meters, the speaker coverage angle is 80 degrees x 80 degrees, and the configuration of 4 units can achieve the ideal front area coverage. Due to the renovation of the sound reinforcement system on the basis of the original architectural decoration, limited by conditions, the lip fill speaker can only be installed in the exposed way, which is a failure from the perspective of decoration, and the Tecnare IBZA6 is compact and beautiful. The cabinet design has also made appropriate points for this.
The overall width of the stage is 30 meters, the progress is 13 meters, and the total area is 390 square meters. The stage entrance is 11.2 meters wide, equipped with 4 Tecnare V12 speakers as the return sound reinforcement coverage of the main stage area. The side stage of the stage is 6 meters wide, and the depth of the stage is 13 meters. Due to the needs of the program, the sound reinforcement of this area needs to be fully covered. Therefore, one Tecnare V15 speaker is installed on both sides of the stage as the stage. Sound reinforcement of the inner zone and side stage.
The main sound reinforcement system is equipped with 1 Tecnare DP4896 and 1 DP2696 digital audio processor, and the return sound reinforcement system is equipped with 1 Tecnare DP2696 digital audio processor. High-performance fourth-generation SHARC digital DSP, equipped with Hardman filter, FIR/LIR two advanced filters, built-in 50 factory preset programs, so that the speaker can play the best sound quality performance, and can be remote through the network Monitor and adjust the sound reinforcement system. The main amplification, return, and supplementary sound are equipped with independent digital audio processors, which can flexibly carry out precise adjustment processing for each system. Matched with Tecnare PA series power amplifier, according to the matching mode of 1.5 times the power margin.



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