Tree House Bar (Meihua Mountain, China)

Meihua Mountain tourism area is located in the northwest of Liupanshui City,Guizhou Province (China). It planning a total area of 62.83 square kilometers,and is expected to invest 3.534 billion RMB,first to create “Oriental Switzerland”Eco-cultural tourism in the first demostration zone.

The Tree House Bar group serves as a leisurely and comfortable entertainment inn connecting the Meihua Mountain scenic spots.There are 8 high-end tree house bar, in the overall design with high-level system match. The choice of bar reinforcement system is finally determined for TECNARE IBZA entertainment series products.There are 3 pcs of IBZA 12A in each bar, with a totally amount of 24 pcs of IBZA 12A.

Thanks to our friends and distributors in China from Soundlook for this great an amazing installation!!!!

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