Qom Musallah (Qom, Iran)

Tecnare has had the privilege of provide the sound reinforcement to the Musallah of the holy city of Qom. The city of Qom, is the capital of the province of the same name, located 156km southwest of Tehran and is known throughout the Shiite Islam for being a holy city, where the tomb of Fatima Ma’suma is located. The city is the world center of Shi’a Islamic studies, and is an important pilgrimage destination throughout the Islamic world.

It given the size and structural complexity of the Musallah- a building of two floors with two fabulous domes- to ensure uniform coverage and minimize potential reverberations involving such enclosures, it opted for a system composed of LA122A, V10A, V12A and V15A , which, adjusted by Delays, managed to minimize all the reflections and reverberations.

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