Hong Kong

Pui Ching Primary School

Cutting-Edge Audio Installation at Pui Ching Primary School by Tecnare Sound Systems

Reinventing The Rules

In a bid to elevate the auditory experience within the walls of the esteemed Pui Ching Primary School in Hong Kong, Tecnare Sound Systems recently completed a remarkable audio installation. This state-of-the-art system promises to enrich the school’s audio capabilities for various events, ensuring clear and immersive sound quality for students and staff alike.

The heart of this audio transformation is centered around a meticulously selected array of equipment from Tecnare Sound Systems and installed by Live Group. The comprehensive installation includes:


  1. CLA21 Line Array Loudspeaker (12 sets): The CLA21 array loudspeakers are designed to provide exceptional sound dispersion and clarity, ensuring that every corner of the school’s auditorium and event spaces is covered with crystal-clear audio.
  2. SW18VR Subwoofer (4 sets): To enhance the low-frequency audio experience, four SW18VR subwoofers are rigged with the Cla21, delivering deep, impactful bass that adds depth and dimension to any audio content.
  3. SW218EB Subwoofer (2 sets): The SW218EB subwoofers is an extended bass subwoofer, further reinforce the low-end frequencies, ensuring that the audio system can deliver a full and rich sound profile for music, speeches, and presentations.
  4. IBZA6PLUS Loudspeaker (8 sets): Eight IBZA6 loudspeakers have been strategically positioned to provide mid-range and high-frequency audio reproduction, ensuring that vocals and instrumentals are heard with impeccable clarity.
  5. T2044 Quad Channel Amplifier (2 sets): These advanced 4-channel power amplifier which offering a combination of power delivery, sonic performance and efficiency in a robust package, surpassing to similar products. Each channel can be configured to deliver its maximum power into 2, 4 or 8 Ohms, nominal loads as well as 25V, 70V & 100V constant Voltage (CV) lines.The integrated state-of-the-art DSP, and network control being the perfect complement to the world’s finest loudspeaker systems.
  6. T-10-44 Quad Channel Amplifier (1 set): This amplifier offers additional amplification capabilities, allowing for precise control over different audio channels and sources.
  7. 44TDAP1.3 Quad Channel Amplifier (2 sets): These amplifiers integrate light-weight power supplies, high power sonically transparent class-D amplifiers, complete system monitoring and a fully featured ETHERNET network controlled 32 bit / 48kHz DSP processing platform,handled by the front panel dual Rj45 connectors, as standard..







T Series


TDAP Series