Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe

Immersing audiences in the captivating world of Cantonese Opera, the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe recently experienced a remarkable audio upgrade thanks to Tecnare Sound Systems

Reinventing The Rules

The installation prominently featured Tecnare’s audio technology, highlighted by the utilization of the Ibza6 PLUS, a 6-inch compact coaxial speaker known for its unparalleled clarity. Additionally, the Ibza6, a 6-inch full-range speaker with a 1.25-inch tweeter, seamlessly contributed to the immersive soundscape, ensuring each note resonated with brilliance. Anchoring the performance with a robust bass, the Subgrave ESW110 from Tecnare’s E series delivered a powerful and resonant low-end, completing the ensemble of audio excellence.

Thanks to the meticulous installation by Live Group Ltd, the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe now enjoys an exceptional sound system that seamlessly integrates tradition with cutting-edge technology, providing audiences with an unforgettable auditory experience.




IBZA6 Plus




CS Series